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Custom House Plans
  Our specialty is fitting your house to the lot. It is important to take into account views, breezes, privacy, and many other factors that make your custom home unique. Contact us for pricing.
Remodels and Additions
  An experienced eye and an aptitude for the abstract are necessary to make a remodel design come together. If you don't want your asset becoming "third-worldy" you've come to the right place. Contact us for pricing.
Title 24 Energy Calcs.

We use the performance method so that trade offs can be made amongst all house systems. For example, if your house has an abundance of glass facing west or south compliance can be difficult. But we adjust other systems to add efficiency to make it work. Large homes, remodels, and additions are quoted per project.

Send us the plans via email and we usually turn them around within 48 hours.

Permit Processing
  Building Departments are laberinths consisting of layers upon layers of beaurocracy, you not only have to answer questions correctly you have to know what questions to ask. We have you covered. Contact us and describe your project, we'll give you pricing right away.


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